How to make a collage on iphone?

Collages are stylish and informative sets of photos in one frame. But how to make a collage on iPhone? In this article, we have distinguished the most popular free programs that allow you to create a composition of the best moments of life right on the device.

Photo collage – an innovation in the world of photography

The term “photo collage” is usually understood as a combination of a certain number of photographs, which create one finished composition.

Consider the main stages of working with standard photo editing programs. After downloading and installing the program, we need to create a new project. In the list that appears, you need to select a template to work with (there are usually enough options). After that, you need to go to settings and set the necessary parameters.

After creating a project template, you can customize the background of the sketch, insert a frame, an additional photo collage with effects, write text, tilt or resize the image, remove unnecessary elements of the template and add your own.

The resulting finished product must be scaled to the required size so that later it can be printed on photo paper of the required dimensions.

Photo collage on iPhone: the best apps

Let’s figure out what applications you can use to quickly make a collage of several photos on the iPhone. Let’s take a look at the best apps. They are the following:

  • Pic stitch. A powerful collage maker. Pic Stich has the largest number of templates in our collection, all collages sorted by the number of cells involved. The application has a built-in flexible toolkit for processing the added images.
  • Instagram Layout. A minimalistic free app from the creators of Instagram will easily satisfy the wishes of an inexperienced user. Layout users have eight layouts available, allowing you to combine from two to nine images. At the same time, the size of each segment is not fixed, so the proportions of the photos can be changed, as well as a certain fragment can be enlarged. In addition, there is the ability to rotate and mirror images on the collage.
  • It is a decent graphic editor with many tools for adjusting, changing, and transforming images. You can, for example, change the outline and size of the image, the distance between photos, add backgrounds, stickers, and text using different fonts and textures.
  • PicPlayPost is a free application to create engaging stories. It allows you to create great collages that can contain video, audio, and even GIF animation. There is also a complete set of filters, so you can change the look of any single frame and insert it into your collage. When you’re done, your masterpiece can be exported via email, Instagram, and regular social media.
  • com is a service for publishing content on social networks and personal sites, which allows you to add musical accompaniment to photos and make your own video clips. This service has its own social structure. By creating an account, you will join the creative community, will be able to rate the work of other users.